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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Kamen Rider Spirits

Kamen Rider SPIRITS (仮面ライダーSPIRITS, Kamen Raidā Supirittsu?, trans. Masked Rider Spirits) is an ongoing manga adaptation of the popular Kamen Rider franchise by Kenichi Muraeda. The focus of the story is on the original ten Kamen Riders with shifting focus on main characters. The original series ended when Magazine Z ceased publication and was then revived in Monthly Shōnen Magazine under the title Shin Kamen Rider SPIRITS (新・仮面ライダーSPIRITS, Shin Kamen Raidā Supirittsu?, New Masked Rider SPIRITS). Unlike the live action series in which its characters have portrayed, it is considered darker like its manga predecessor in 1972 and more mature.


Following the end of the Kamen Rider Super-1 television series, Kamen Rider Spirits begins by following the lives of the original Kamen Riders in various stand alone stories. The manga then introduces the tenth Kamen Rider, Kamen Rider ZX, ignoring the events of the Birth of the 10th! Kamen Riders All Together!! television special and make an alternate origin story. The manga also ties up loose story ends from the various TV series, such as how Riderman survived the Pluton Rocket Explosion and why Stronger's partner, Tackle, was never acknowledged as a Kamen Rider.

Volume 01

1. Skyscraper Gale
2. The Lone Battlefield 1
3. The Lone Battlefield 2
4. Pride of the Hot Sand 1
5. Pride of the Hot Sand 2

Volume 02

6. Memories of a Right Arm
7. Sea of Destruction 1
8. Sea of Destruction 2
9. Tears of God 1
10. Tears of God 2

Volume 03

11. The Stray Thunderbolt 1
12. The Stray Thunderbolt 2
13. Promises of the Sky 1
14. Promises of the Sky 2
15. Legend of the Stars 1
16. Legend of the Stars 2
17. Legend of the Stars 3

Volume 04

18. Assault
19. Darkness
20. Encounter
21. Escape
22. Rage
23. Rumi

Volume 05

24. Attack
25. Thorn
26. Demon
27. Contact
28. Redemption
29. Target
30. Flash

Volume 06

31. Henshin
32. Secret
33. Battle
34. Judo
35. Remembrance
36. Separation
37. Lies
38. Revenge

Volume 07

39. Cult
40. Rescue
41. Conquest
42. Invasion
43. Coup
44. Shinjuku
45. The Greater Leader

Volume 08

46. Arrival

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