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Monday, December 6, 2010

Protect! The World of Televikun

The Super Adventure DVD (超アドベンチャーDVD, Chō Adobenchā Dī Bui Dī?) called Kamen Rider Decade: Protect! The World of Televikun (仮面ライダーディケイド 守れ!<てれびくんの世界>, Kamen Raidā Dikeido: Mamore! ?) is the Hyper Battle DVD for Decade. Like Kiva's DVD, it is another "Choose Your Own Adventure" style story. The viewer's choices throughout the DVD affect how Decade and Diend's fight against Dai-Shocker's Televi Bae-Kun (てれびバエくん, Terebibaekun?) as well as Yusuke Onodera's completion of the Decade Bazooka weapon from a punch out sheet in the back of a Televi-Kun magazine.

Kamen Rider Decade: Protect! The World of Televikun

English sub by Tv-Nihon

Kamen Rider Decade Super Adventure DVD

All in one (for easy download)
Part 1 || Part 2 || Part 3

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